Friday, July 2, 2010

Masturbation Blindness

An article posted on the Scientific American website (Bering in Mind:Jesse Bering) explains why we masturbate and how that makes us different from other primates.  While I recall learning in my ecology courses that other mammals masturbate, Bering does a good job of explaining that we are different because of how often we masturbate. Evolutionarily it makes sense,


" The advantage to the male could be that the younger sperm are more acceptable to the female and/or are better able to reach a secure position in the female tract. "

I think the important message from the article is that you will not go blind from masturbation and that it is completely natural.  The article goes more in depth, if you are interested in reading it, on the differences between humans and other primates, the psychology behind masturbation, and historical views on masturbation. - bonobo photo from

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