Saturday, July 3, 2010

Roger Ebert's Journal

      I just found Roger Ebert's Journal online and have been reading and reading for hours. It is wonderfully written and covers topics ranging from movies to politics. I must admit I found it because of the most recent hype over Ebert's statement that video games were not art.
     One of Ebert's best posts was on the textbook revisions in Texas. The comments only make his blog better!  What truly makes me keep reading Roger Ebert's Journal are the viewpoints of his many educated followers.  They defend and support their opinions and Ebert is not shy or lax in responding back.
     Heartfelt responses are also par for the course.  Read the following comment by  Van Badman in response to "How do they get to be that way"

"Oh, Roger,
It's so easy to read the articles about the hatemongers and despair.
When I read your writing, though, I'm reminded that the world I live in is one of hope, and goodness, and responsibility and conscience.
So I don't give in to despair. I read your pieces and I gain some more strength, like all your readers do, to fight the hate, word by word, and step a little further forward.
xx Van"

Thank you Roger Ebert for such a wonderful blog.  You've got a follower!

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