Monday, June 28, 2010

Budget Cuts for CTE

Many states are cutting their budgets drastically. It seems the first thing to be cut from most school budgets are CTE (Career Technology Education) programs and funding. In my experience, CTE courses are what get kids excited about school and teach children to apply what they've learned in core content courses. I'm sure Senator Huppenthal of Arizona had to make some tough choices when cutting the CTE budget. If you have to cut expenditures, what do you cut?
What I do love about this next clip is that a student, who clearly learned something in his CTE courses, is applying what he's learned in interviewing Senator Huppenthal. I love teaching kids who both impress and stump you with what they've learned. I'm just glad I'm not video taped when I get stumped. Of course, the senator could have handled this differently... what do you think?

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