Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here it goes...

Why blog?  The school year is over.  I have no identity and I am tired of smothering my partner with what has become my identity, teaching.  I actually got emotional when I realized I was the last teacher to leave school on Friday.  Everyone else left fifteen minutes after they were given the okay by administration.  They literally left everything in place, as if an A-bomb was about to go off and they needed to evacuate.  Pencils, dust bunnies, and blinking screen lights were all left to fend for themselves until August.  How can they do it?  I must not have enough of a life.  I actually wanted to stay and prepare for next year.  After all of the complaining about school, I wanted to stay.  WEIRD!


  1. Your poor partner. He sounds like a pretty understanding guy. Weird!

  2. I'm always one of the last to leave as well. It is because you & I (& people like us) want to do our very best, even when we hate something. And, it actually bothers us to leave something in such poor shape! :) Plus, anyone who loves us has to be understanding with all the crazy crap we put up with at our not so normal jobs (even though it seems they should be normal jobs)!

    I don't ever want my teaching to be my identity. I mean I understand where you're coming from but aren't we meant for so much more?! I'm just saying...