Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last day of vacation...

     I spent 6 hours at a car parts shop yesterday.  I bought a new battery.  Stuck it in my car and an alarm system I didn't know existed, kept me from starting it.  The dealership wanted to charge me $200 to look at it and run a diagnostic test on it.  Some repair shops refused to look at it, except for one.  The repair shop across the street had one guy willing to have a go at it.  He couldn't look at it without the car being in his parking lot though.  UGH!  Tow trucks wanted to charge me $85 to get the car across the street.  I would have pushed it myself but the traffic was unbelievable.  I had to wait, and wait, and wait.  The good news is I read half of my new book "Stiff" by Mary Roach.  I plan on using it for a new course I might get to start two years from now, Forensics.  The book is awesome.  It has great imagery and it gets you up close and personal with science behind the use of corpses for scientific (or not so scientific) research.  Eventually my partner got off of work.  We pushed the car across the street, risking life and limb, which I now have better imagery of, thanks to my summer reading.  The repair guy took 2 minutes to fix it.  Nothing like a car repair problem to make your masculinity nill to non-existent.  By the way, did I mention, everyone I had called and or know drove by while we were pushing the car.  They were all honking or had their windows down asking, "what are you doing".  My personal trainer being one of them, I responded, "getting some exercise".
     Today I am laying low.  I am not running errands.  I will be on this computer, applying for a great part-time botany job at a near by community college, and reading.  Basically avoiding any Chevy Chase moments. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vacation1983.jpg)

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  1. That's an AWESOME book ("Stiff" by Roach)!! Whoever turned you onto that book must be AWESOME as well! I wish we had a Forensics class when we were in school! I so would have taken it! Hope the kids appreciate all your work! :)