Sunday, June 13, 2010

Teachers in the Movies

     Inspirational teaching movies used to piss me off, back when I taught in inner city schools.  Many times the actors playing the kids were way too old, there weren't enough classes, or the movie was shoved down the throats of teachers by administrators to provide false hope.

     Take a look at the movie survey at the top right of this blog. Which do you think is the most accurate?

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  1. Can't do the survey BUT have yet to see a movie that fully gets it right. The modern classroom is crowded (30+), at least in HS level, unless you teach a specialized class. Teachers are HUGELY overworked and underpaid. I get an extra stipend and made the mistake once of figuring out how much extra an hour it meant. It averaged about $1.87 more/hr for at least 10X the # of headaches. If teaching were truly pictured, NO ONE would go into the teaching profession!