Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't Drink the Koolaid!

     I recently applied for a job in which I had to list out every training, seminar, and workshop I have ever attended.  For those of us who are educators know, this is nearly impossible, unless you keep ever certificate of completion for every seminar you have ever attended.  I, however, am not that OCD and never will be.  While I love trying new things out and keeping what works... I also love sitting next to the one naysayer in the crowd.  Inevitably the naysayer, usually a long time educational veteran, utters these words, "Don't drink the koolaid.."  What can I say, I love a Cynic!
     There are many cults in education.  You have the minor cults and the major ones.  Everything from "let the kids make their own rules" to "We must all have the same lessons, lectures, labs, and exams".  All having their own merit and idiotic tendencies.  At some point, haven't we all had a little Koolaid, in order to see if it'll help us make the kids learn more information, fit in with the crowd, survive the year, please a boss, or just keep our sanity.  And, if a little Koolaid doesn't shape a persons identity, at least in a small way, then what does?
  Here is a link to some interesting cults by Take a look at Michael's comment at the bottom of the page.. priceless.

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